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Wells Fargo

Warriors to Summits


Creative Director: Nic Tan

Copywriter: Ross Barsi 

Art Director / Designer: Keeley Laures 

Strategist: Angela Vasconcellos



Small is Huge is the non profit sector of Wells Fargo. Every year, Wells Fargo gives support to a non profit known as No Barriers. No Barriers supports a campaign known as Warriors To Summits, empower veterans and transitioning service members with disabilitys, and survivors of the fallen, to overcome barriers and unleash their potential. 


The Ask

Create a digital experience revolving the Warriors To Summits campaign. Take the current Small is Huge website, and create an immersive experience. Along with this, create rich media, standard banners, and video in order to spread the word.


Coming Soon

Experiential and video. 

This campaign is still in progress. 


Rich media starts with message regarding the summit climb, then rotates through facts and photographs of the journey up the peak. By clicking on the circles, one can engage themselves through the journey via photographs.

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