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Creative Director: Marney Kerr
ACD / Design: Mindy Sears 
Senior Art Director / Design: Aleksey Leybin
Art Director/ Design: Keeley Laures
Senior Copywriter: Glenn Lovely 
Copywriter: Ross Barsi 
Graphic Designer: Marie Eberwein


The Ask

How can Neutrogena take the Double Cleansing Method and draw attention towards 18-24 year old women in assisting them to harbor the trust in the Neutrogena brand while catching the demographic in a digital platform.

The Concept

Using the concept of "MyGo2" and associating the Double Cleansing method with the concept of "besties". One is great without the other, however, together—they're better. 


Catch the target through the sites that they're viewing on their mobile devices and introduce them to the method itself. In this example, we've utilized the functionality of a phone. One phone orientation shows step one of the method and by turning the phone, step two is introduced.

Pandora Intergration

Kanvas & Instagram Intergration


Utilizing outlets like Pinterest, the benefits of 2-step method can be easily explained and visualized

Mobile social check in to obtain coupon at Target locations

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