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Save Our Snowmen

Cool Effect

Creative Director: Brian Shown

Copywriter: Ross Barsi and Justin Kram 

Art Director: Matthieu Brajot

Their Habitat is Threatened.

Their Hope is Dwindling.

Our Hearts are Melting. 


Combining science, expertise, and transparency, Cool Effect gives people the power and confidence to band together and reduce the carbon pollution and they wanted a something for the holidays that inspires climate action and without the usual doom and gloom.


A holiday campaign that uses humor and satire to drive awareness around climate change and support the world’s best carbon-busting projects. By symbolically saving a snowman, each donation is contributing to projects that verifiably reduce greenhouse gasses. 

The Planet Can’t Wait,

and Neither Can You.


Uncle Sam inspired backpage takeover of the Sunday New York Times


"Everyone loves snowmen, but they are melting right along with our glaciers. We are educating in fresh, creative ways to make it interesting and fun to take direct and tangible action on this serious subject. We hope everyone will want to see the film and then save a snowman!" - Marisa de Belloy, COO of Cool Effect

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