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Game Better with Butterfinger

Butterfinger & Ferrero

Lead Creative: Ross Barsi

Art Director: Edwin Valle 
Copywriter: Ross Barsi

Editor: Seth Burke 

The Ask

Promote Butterfinger as the only chocolate bar that helps gamers level up by teaming up with the most anticipated videogame release of 2020, Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The Solve

Leveraging the massive fandom and PR buzz around a beloved 20-year-old franchise, we took this opportunity to announce Butterfinger's entrance into gaming with "Game Better with Butterfinger." Real talk, gamers don't play around when it comes to authenticity. That's why we worked closely with the developers at Square Enix to create and promote a special set of powerful downloadable content for Final Fantasy VII Remake that would give players a serious in-game advantage on launch day.

An Epic Partnership and Production

Not only did we create an epic hero video and cutdowns for Butterfinger's online and social channels, but we also produced the creative assets and playbook for their team to use throughout the year as they continue to fuel and level-up gamers everywhere.

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